Colic in Babies

Colic in babies is very common and almost every baby goes through bouts of colic especially during the first few months after birth. Babies have problems adjusting to the new environment and new mode of feeding after birth and since all their systems are very delicate, it takes some time for them to adjust. Every [...]

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Burp a Baby

One of the most important things you need to do after feeding you baby is to get her to burp. To burp a baby is the only way to escape the nonstop crying that may follow after the feed. Babies tend to swallow a lot of air while they are feeding especially with a bottle. [...]

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Sterilizing Baby Bottles

Breast milk is the best choice for babies and much less of a hassle in many ways. When you are bottle feeding you baby you need to keep the bottles really clean and sterilized. This is especially important for a new born baby. When you open the packaging of a new bottle never assume that [...]

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Baby Pacifier

The use of Baby Pacifiersis very old and so are the various different points of views associated with the use of a baby pacifier. Some people are strictly against at the use of a pacifier and put forward several arguments on how the use a pacifier can be harmful for the baby. But the recent [...]

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Baby Care – Baby Care Magazine

A little while ago, I was talking to a new first time Mum, who asked me a question after thumbing through a Baby Care Magazine in the shop we were in – the young Mum by the way was my daughter – the question went like this “Mum this baby care magazine is fantastic but would I need it monthly as I have a great Baby Care Book, but this baby care magazine has little segments on everything, including when Brock is older, actually it goes into things at preschool age”

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